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High-performance Wi-Fi for Hotels and Hospitality

Wi-Fi for Hotels

Customers take into account lots of factors when choosing a hotel, and wireless access is increasingly becoming an important factor in these decisions.

Offering a basic Wi-Fi service may not be enough to sway the customer towards your hotel, so it is important that the wireless service offered is both competitive and reliable.

Twenty Four IT Services provide a resilient and high-performance wireless network installation for hotels that can be customised to meet your requirements. 

Besides the obvious benefit of providing guests with Internet access, Wi-Fi for hospitality can be used to enhance a visitor's stay, make a lasting impression and encourage them to return.

Reward returning guests by providing them with offers such as drinks and meal promotions, and even reduced rates to frequent customers. This can be tied into incentivising guests to share their location on social media, resulting in more exposure for the business.

These benefits don't just apply to guests - they extend to the entire workforce of the hotel with advantages such as:

  • Access to the hotel's management system from anywhere on-site
  • Reduce check-in times during busy periods by checking guests in using a tablet or mobile device
  • Take orders for food, drink and other amenities in locations where a static PoS would be inconvenient, such as the pool or spa areas.
  • Link the billing of services directly to Wi-Fi access.


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