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Wi-Fi for Retail improves customers engagement and workforce productivity

Wi-Fi for Retail

Customers are the core of any retail business - without them, there would be no business. So it is essential that potential customers in a retail environment have their frustrations kept to a minimum.

Offering in-store Wi-Fi and Internet access to customers in a retail environment opens a massive amount of potential, both for the customer and the retailer themselves.

Shopper's buying habits have changed as technology has evolved. With customers now researching purchases in store, offering Wi-Fi in-store will help make their decisions easer and provide a better overall shopping experience.

Providing unique offers to customers and encouraging returning buyers, smartphone users who check-in can be an important source of secondary marketing by encouraging other users to visit.

Providing Wi-Fi doesn't have to be for the direct benefit of customers - it can also improve the workflow of retail staff. Tablets can be used to check stock levels and immediately provide information to customers on request. These can also be used as a roaming POS to reduce queues during busy periods.

Customer data can be captured to use for targeted marketing promotions and location data can be used to analyse footfall. This data can then be used to improve store layout and planograms.

Whether it's engaging your customers and enhancing their shopping experience, or improving the productivity of your team's workflow, Wi-Fi for retail has a wide variety of uses that serve to improve the effectiveness of a retail environment.


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