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Wi-Fi for Schools with enterprise-level network security

Wi-Fi for Schools

21st Century learning has transformed with the wealth of electronic devices on offer. Tablet computers, mobile phones and affordable laptops have revolutionised the way we access knowledge and information.

Children of all ages have benefitted from the accessibility and ease-of-use of these devices and making use of them in their learning is the obvious step forward. However, with each student having at least one dedicated device (and often more), it is necessary that the network they connect to has the ability to cope with the capacity. 

Without the restrictions of traditional cable-based networks, Wi-Fi for schools allows pupils, students and faculty members to work with their devices. Removing the need for dedicated IT classrooms and computer labs. 

Wireless Connectivity

By using the latest 802.11n and 801.11ac wireless hardware, TwentyFour IT will create a robust and reliable wireless network that can be accessed from anywhere. Classes that rely on network access can be held anywhere - even outdoors. Most modern tablets and phones don't have a wired fall-back, meaning a wireless connection is essential if these devices are to be connected. 

Integrated learning with any device

With the practice of "Bring Your Own Device" becoming increasingly popular, it may initially seem that having to install required learning applications on every device is a daunting and potentially unachievable task, however a BYOD management solution makes this process quick and simple. In addition, integrated e-learning portals give students and faculty members the ability to access their work wherever they are.

Secure and Safe

Enterprise-level network security and encryption ensures that data remains safe, secure and private. Internal access can be restricted on a per-device basis, by device type, location and even time of day. Filter and block unsafe and illegal traffic to ensure both the safety of the network and exposure of material to its users.


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