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Wireless Site Surveys help to identify optimal location of hardware

Wireless Site Survey

It's essential that before installing any wireless network, the proposed site is deemed suitable and appropriate for the required capacity, coverage and Quality of Service.

We know how frustrating it can be when wireless networks do not function correctly - drop-outs and poor signal quality can be the result of many issues such as poor equipment location, using equipment that is not up the task or RF interference.

Many factors need to be considered when planning a wireless network. Signal to Noise ratio and RF interference can have a severe impact on network performance, as does the proximity of other wireless networks. Issues such as these can be mitigated before the network is installed if they are correctly identified.

Using an extensive suite of tools and equipment, our engineers visually and electronically analyse the proposed site to identify optimal location of hardware and to identify potential issues such as interfering equipment and 'black-spots' (areas of little / no coverage).

Our wireless site surveys include:

  • Detailed Report summarising all findings of the survey
  • Plan for Proposed Network Solution
  • Locations for Equipment
  • Test for RF Interference
  • Determination of minimum SNR


Upon completion of your wireless site survey, we will present you with a report detailing the key points of the survey and create an implementation plan for a robust and secure wireless network.


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